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Additional Areas of Expertise


> Initial Case Reviews


         Triage Type Methods Existence and Classification of:


o   Failure Modes

o   Causation

o   Defects


> Vehicle Crashworthiness


         Analysis of Total Occupant Protection Cage

         Sequential Protection from First Contact to Occupant Responses

         All Systems Working Together for Occupant Protection

         Structural Integrity and Intrusion Control

         First/Second/Third Collision Analyses


> Occupant Packaging/Protection


         Occupant Kinematics/Engineering Biomechanics

         Maintaining Occupant Survival Space

         Friendly Interiors

         Designated Seating Positions

         Glazing for Containment/Injury Mitigation


> Restraint System Performance/Protection


         Seat belts Effectiveness and Performance

         Seat Belt Comfort and Convenience


         Air Bags Effectiveness and Performance


> Seating Systems Issues


         Seats part of Restraint System

         Belts Integrated to Seats

         Reclined Seats

         Rear Impact Occupant Containment

         Seat Support and Anti-Submarining


> Rollover Protection Systems [ROPS] and Analysis


         State-of-the-Art Reviews.

         Occupant Responses in Rollovers

         Restraint Performance and Alternative Designs in Rollovers

         Strength of Materials and Rollover Protection


> OSI Other Similar Incident Analysis






> Reverse Engineering Methods


         Auto Industry Knowledge/Affidavits

         Layered Autopsies Tear-Down Methods

         Macro Photography

         Materials Science and Testing

         Forensic Methods


> Technical and the FMVSS Regulatory History


         Conversant With All Current FMVSS

         The Initial FMVSS Still Influencing Today

         The Enabling Legislation and Your Case

         Industry Standards and Recommended Practices

         Relationship of History of Auto Safety and Regulations to Specific Case


> Warnings/Instructions/Reminders is an Engineering Process


         Warnings [W/I/R] are an Interdisciplinary Issue

         W/I/R Must be Designed-in from the Start with Trilogy of Design

         If the Occupant is to Participate in Their Own Protection ...

         What Does the Occupant Need to Know?


> Accident Data/Injury Rates Analysis


         NASS Interpretations

         FARS Interpretations

         State Data Interpretations


> Expert Witness Services


         Case Preparations

         Deposition Testimony

         Assistance with Technical Review of Opposing Opinions

         Trial Testimony


> Scientific Methods in Litigation Fully Conversant With:


         Daubert/Kumho/Joiner Requirements

         Rule 26(b) Requirements

         Frye and Other Admissibility Criteria


> Team Methods and Specialist Referrals


         Interdisciplinary Team Methods



         Specialty Testing Equipment

         Fuel Fed Fires

         Human Factors

         Materials Scientists