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Crash Testing Analysis for Real-World Investigations


There is now a wealth of crash test data available (including the example just below from the IIHS); proceeding further to the many decades of NHTSA data archived at the National Crash Analysis Center [NCAC]; to the Euro-NCAP data; and, onto the non-profits such as the Center for Injury Research [CfIR], and more. This type of data should be routinely consulted to see if there is one or more laboratory tests which will shed light on certain key parameters of the crash under investigation.



Land Rover Discovery IIHS Crash Test




Comparison of IIHS Test with

Accident Vehicle

(click to enlarge)



Real-World Accident Investigations

Presentation by David J. Biss, M. Eng., B.S.M. E

(click for PowerPoint Presentation)

The Power-Point presentation at left shows one approach to a step-wise accident investigation methodology for assessing and pursuing case investigations that is both scientifically sound; and, efficient with the resources of time and money.



Professor Kennerly Digges gave an excellent overview presentation (shown at the right) at the recent [NCAC]2 2010 Conference concerning the Evolutionary Influences on vehicle design brought about by the New Car Assessment Program [NCAP] which was begun under his direction at the NHTSA in 1979. Additionally, his presentation serves as an excellent baseline to assess the presence and performance of current state-of-the-art safety technologies in today’s vehicles.



Presentation at the National Crash Analysis Conference [NCAC]2 – 2010 at GWU/NCAC

(click for pdf)