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Rollover Investigations & Analysis



Rollover Reconstruction

by David Biss

(click for slide show)

The example shown at the left was a recent rollover reconstruction performed by David J. Biss. This crash was triggered by an offending driver who T-Impacted a BMW X-5 causing the X-5 to yaw into a curb which tripped a rollover A slide-show movie showing the sequence of the crash and reconstruction is provided at left.


For over 40 years there has been a false debate surrounding the assertion that death and injury rates are independent of the degree of roof crush in rollover crashes. Courageous pioneers like Donald Friedman at the CfIR have stood up to the vested interests to convince the unbiased scientific community that roof crush is indeed strongly related to injury rates; now supported by none other than the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This seminal research can be viewed at:



Volvo XC-90 on JRS System at CfIR





IIHS Research Summaries

on Roof Crush

(link to IIHS Report)

In 2008 the IIHS [Insurance Institute for Highway Safety], after a number of years of exhaustive research, verified Friedmans and others findings that roof crush in rollovers is strongly correlated with death and injury rates. The links in the following frame will take you to excellent summaries of the IIHSs roof crush work.


IIHS Roof Crush Summary Results

(link to Results)



(click for link to pdf)

Safety Advocate Organizations such as Public Citizen and Peoplesafeinrollovers have also been instrumental in bringing attention to what had officially become a forgotten epidemic of rollover deaths and injuries. Through their untiring efforts and pointing out the solid science behind the pioneering work done by Friedman, IIHS and others, these groups kept the tragedy of rollover and roof crush deaths and injuries properly in the forefront of the public and media attention. Introductory links to their sites are:


  Deadly by Design Roof Crush Intrusion

(click for pdf)


  An American Auto Safety Tragedy -- ROOF CRUSH (click for pdf)


  Lawlor Ltr. to DOT Sec. LaHood with Research Attachments (click for pdf)


  Roof Crush Summit Brochure PSIRO

(click for pdf)